Great interactive Scrum course with FITSTIC students!

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Great interactive Scrum course with FITSTIC students!

I have recently spent five great days with 24 students of the ITS FITSTIC course held in Cesena (Emilia-Romagna area – Italy).

We’ve experienced the Scrum Framework, touched with our hands what empirical process control means in agile product development, and lived the Scrum values as a team should do. And yes… we’ve also shared “ah-ha” moments and some “Scrummy prize giveaways”! It keeps being so inspirational and fun working with younger agilists… 😊

Thanks to Deborah Morgagni for her precious and highly professional work and to the FITSTIC foundation for investing on agility. I know it’s not always easy to find space among many technical topics, but I really hope you will hold on. Our companies and organizations need people with a fresh agile mindset as messengers and makers of a necessary transformation. The last three years taught us a lot indeed.

Thanks to and the PSTs community for being a constant reference and resource for me and for the students.
Scrum on!