Agile mindset and Scrum Framework for ITS courses

I’m humbled to have had the privilege to throw the agility seeds for 68 young students of the ITS FITSTIC courses held in Cesena, Imola and Ferrara (Emilia Romagna area, Italy).

During our 12 intense days, we talked and shared insights about Agile mindset and Scrum Framework. It has been so nice (and sometimes surprising!) to discover that agility is more and more an inner quality of younger people that just has to be unchained.

I would like to thank the FITSTIC Foundation, who supported high value training for young IT professionals  and and its PSTs community, which was a constant inspiration throughout the whole facilitation journey.

To my new fellow friends: I hope that you leverage Scrum values, agility and empiricism and grow as humans and professionals. See you next year!

Scrummy – Agile is delicious – We are here to help!

Scrummy is an initiative created by Stefano Milanesi, a Scrum coach with a 20+ years experience in the field of software engineering.

We coach teams and companies to agility and to the Scrum Framework in a dynamic, cooperative and interactive environment.
Follow-ups to the training classes are very frequent: we can drive and work with the Scrum Teams on real products, in order to ensure a smooth startup to the Scrum Framework and to help avoiding the so called ‘Scrum disfunctionalities’.